SIZES: 94, 108, 125, 135 L

Thoroughbred slalom boards impress with extreme top speeds. But they constantly require your full attention and strength. The Jag LTD is different. It is easily as fast as dedicated competition shapes but at the same time it is incredibly comfortable to ride.

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The free feeling of the Jag comes from its narrower outline and tail combined with a flatter rocker line. These same attributes also allow it to reach maximum velocity without having to be driven as hard as a dedicated racing board and be more rewarding to gybe.

Race beginners will love the additional inner foot strap inserts which allow to ride the board less technically.

Also noteworthy is the very powerful production fin which was tailor-made for the Jag. Often these serial fins don't keep up with the rider' progress. But the Jag comes with a fin that makes after market research obsolete.

Essentially a slalom board you can live with, the Jag is designed to blast over distance in total control and will excel with any style of sail.


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