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Shortcut the learning curve with an all-around board that’s catch-free and easy for boosting confidence anywhere you take it.

Some riders just want to get straight to the fun part. Enjoy a no-fuss feel with the Burton Instigator, a board designed to help accelerate the learning curve and instigate a good time from your first moment on the mountain. The combination of a Flat Top™ bend and Cruise Control convex base keeps things friendly underfoot, creating a catch-free feel that maintains stability and control. The Channel® mounting system gives you the easiest, most adjustable setup with bindings from all major brands (not just Burton’s).

  • BEND: Flat Top

    A flat profile between the feet means stability, better balance, and continuous edge control. The tip and tail kick up with an early rise outside the feet for the catch-free, loose feeling you’d expect from rocker.

  • SHAPE: Directional

    The classic snowboard shape, designed to be ridden with a slightly longer nose than tail to concentrate pop in the tail while still giving you plenty of float, flow, and control to rip any terrain or condition.

  • FLEX: Twin Flex

    The flex is perfectly symmetrical from tip to tail for a balanced ride that’s equally versatile regular or switch.

  • CORE: FSC™ Certified Super Fly® 800G Core, Dualzone™ EGD™ and Squeezebox Low

    FSC™ Certified Super Fly® 800G Core

    Lightened up and loaded with pop, this vertical sandwich of hard and soft woods saves weight and improves snap and response. Further optimized for float in our freeride focused boards, and strength in our park-focused boards.

    Dualzone™ EGD™

    The wood grain is positioned along the toe and heel edges on two continuous zones, perpendicular to the rest of the wood core, for consistent edge-hold and added strength.

  • BASE: Extruded Base

    Speed, strength, and graphical pop in a base that requires little maintenance. Pass your friends without even waxing.

  • FIBERGLASS: Biax™ Fiberglass

    Features a jib-friendly, torsionally soft flex and forgiving, park-friendly feel.

  • DESIGN FEATURES: Squeezebox Low, The Channel™, Super Sap Epoxy and Cruise Control Tune

    Squeezebox Low

    With an overall easier feel, NEW Squeezebox Low brings high-end core profiling technology to the progressing rider. Stiffer zones just outside your feet create a more direct energy transfer to the tip and tail, while enabling a softer, smoother flex between the bindings. The end result is more control with less effort from the rider.

    The Channel™

    Stronger, faster, easier, and more adjustable - The Channel™ gives you ultimate control of your stance and your board in a design compatible with all major bindings (not just Burton’s). In fact, we trust it so much that all boards with The Channel are backed by a 3-year warranty.

    Cruise Control Tune

    This catch-free edge tune combines with rocker on the Clash™, Feather™, Genie, and Ripcord to help new riders progress, and good riders get even better.

    Super Sap Epoxy

    Super Sap® is a resin formulated with bio-based materials that reduces the carbon footprint by 50% over conventional all-petroleum-based epoxies. Less oil consumption means even less of a carbon footprint per board, which is good in our book.


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